La Scala (Lombard Plaza)

lombard plaza

Exteriors Design is excited to announce our next project, La Scala (Lombard Plaza) in Beaverton, Oregon.  La Scala, designed by Carleton Hart Architecture, is a five-story apartment building with commercial space on ground floor.  The project is being developed by Roy Kim Development.

Exterior cladding installation on this five-story building is expected to start in February 2016.  There are a total of 87 apartments and 5,000 SF retail space.  Exteriors Design will be responsible for installing WRB, windows, doors, railing, siding (wood, metal, cement) and soffit.

The Project Manager for the project will be Alex Belza who has been with Exteriors Design for 3 years.  Exteriors Design is looking forward to this project and believes that with Alex’s knowledge and understanding of construction along with an experienced crew, makes the perfect team to get the job done.

Rendering courtesy of Carleton Hart Architecture

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