Safety, in the Construction World

Safety, in the Construction World

In the construction world, safety is a big deal. Accidents and injuries create a no-win situation for everyone involved. Employees experience pain, suffering and incapacitation while the company suffers from the loss of the injured person’s contributions.

While we have many types of equipment to minimize hazards, technology to reduce the chance of injury, and some of the best trainers in the world just a phone call away, statistics continue to show that construction has the highest rate of injuries requiring days away from work than any private industry sector. Those who work at elevated heights are the most at risk of suffering an injury.

  • 14,000 Americans die from on-the-job accidents every year
  • A worker is injured every 18 seconds
  • A fatality occurs every 134 minutes
  • Most accidents occur within an employee’s first six months on a new job

These injuries most often occur because of human error. Workers tend to overlook the important of safety procedures because of schedule, time, money, or pressure from their boss. So, from now on, every time you walk onto a jobsite:

  • think about how important it is to wear the correct safety equipment
  • pay attention to your surroundings and
  • stay focused, so you won’t get hurt and cost your company money or slow down the job

Most importantly, remember that your loved ones are expecting you home every night. We want you to return home at the end of the day the same way you arrived. You cannot enjoy your family or provide for them if you are injured, disabled or bedridden.

Don’t be a statistic… follow safety standards and live a long and prosperous life.

Image courtesy of Serge Letunovkiy

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